Title Author Year Description
By-laws of the St. Thomas Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, No. 44 G. R.C.


General rules and orders of the Saint Thomas Branch of the London District Agricultural Society


Full title General rules and orders of the Saint Thomas Branch of the London District Agricultural Society: made by order of the committees of superintendence, May 29th, 1848.

Grand Sacred Oratorio from the Messiah & Creation: under the auspices of Col. O'Malley and the officers of the 25th Battalion, in the Opera House, St. Thomas, Thursday evening, March 9th, 1876


Home Journal Advertisement for an upcoming show at the Grand Opera House in St. Thomas.

History of the St. Thomas Parish 1803-1921


History of the Catholic Church in St. Thomas

In chancery: Travers vs. Gustin : pursuant to the decree made in this cause on the twentieth day of February, A.D. 1873, there will be sold ... in the town of St. Thomas, the following lands and premises .


Signed: Becher, Street & Becher, Vendor's Solicitors, J. Shanly, Master in Chancery, London.

Dated: Office of Master in Chancery, London, 15th September, 1873.

Industries of Canada


Full title, Industries of Canada: historical and commercial sketches: London, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Guelph, Berlin, Waterloo, St.

Letter-Hughes, D.J.


Letter to lawyer D.J. Hughes.

Dated: St. Thomas, 25th Feb., 1884.

"Board of Audit, County of Elgin."

Opening recitals and sacred concerts at Trinity Church, St. Thomas, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 19th and 20th Sept., 1877


Printed Ephemera

Problems in Commercial Arithmetic


Prepared for use in Business Colleges by M.S. Carl One of the proprietors of the St. Thomas Business College, St. Thomas Ont.

Published by Phillips and Carl St. Thomas Ont. 1891

Programme: The Lyceum Company presenting "The merchant of Venice", Shakespeare's greatest comedy in six acts


Ad for an upcoming play. Printed by the Sutherland Press of St. Thomas

Record of the celebration of the centenary of the Talbot settlement held in the year of Our Lord 1903


A publication of the Elgin Historical and Scientific Institute on the events and festivities of the Centennial of the Talbot Settlement

Requisition!: to M. McKenzie, Esq. : we the undersigned freeholders and householders of St. Thomas


Requisition notice by the Freeholders and Householders of St. Thomas requesting a public meeting

Dated: St. Thomas, 21st February, 1851.

Resolutions to be proposed by Mr. Ermatinger, on Wednesday, 23rd June, 1847


Resources and progress of the Province of Ontario: a paper read before the Commercial Union Club of St. Thomas, November 22, 1887


Scientific American Volume 53 Number 20 (November 14, 1885)


Contains information on the White Bronze Company, including an image of the plant in St. Thomas on the cover.

Souvenir of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada


Souvenir picture book of St. Thomas. 

Sparks and Cinders


Poems written by St. Thomas native J.A. Killingsworth.

Member of Charity Lodge No.5 Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers.

The Assessor's Guide


Containing those portions of the Consolidated Assessment Act, 1892, and amendments thereto, together with other statutory enactments relating to the duties of assessors and the assessment of real and personal property in Ontario : with notes of the more imp

The Gravel road: Facts concerning the London & Port Stanley road


Signed and dated: K.W. McKay, county clerk; St. Thomas, Aug. 13, 1892.

The Y.W.C.A. Cook Book


A selection of tested recipes compiled by the ladies of St. Thomas.

Vernon's City of St. Thomas Directory 1916


Vernon's City of St. Thomas Directory 1917


Vernon's City of St. Thomas Directory 1919


Vernon's City of St. Thomas Directory 1922


Workingmen's Mass Meeting


Notice for the Workingmens Meeting at the skating rink in St. Thomas 1880.