Title Author Year Description
A Century of Achievement


EHS Founder James Coyne's reflections on the 19th Century.

East Elgin Reform Association: the Hon. Edward Blake will address the electors of the County of Elgin


A notice from the East Elgin Reform Association on the future visit and address of the Hon.Edward Blake at the local skating rink in St. Thomas on June 5th 1882

Exploration of the Great Lakes 1669-1670


Ontario Historical Society publication "Papers and Records" on the exploration of the Great Lakes region by French exploreres Dollier De Cason and De Brehant De Galiee. Text translated and edited by James Coyne.

Memorial to U.E. Loyalists


Memorial address to the United Empire Loyalists given by James Coyne president of the Ontario Historical Society

The country of the Neutrals: (as far as comprised in the County of Elgin), from Champlain to Talbot


A history of the Neutral Indian Nation that once inhabited Elgin County. Originally part of the publication Historical Sketches of the County of Elgin

The Talbot Papers


Including those left by the Honourable Colonel Thomas Talbot at his death, his letters to the Honourable Peter Robinson, Commissioner of Crown Lands, and some letters wrtitten by him to the Hon William Allan.

Workingmen's Mass Meeting


Notice for the Workingmens Meeting at the skating rink in St. Thomas 1880.