Port Burwell Marine Museum & Historic Lighthouse

Port Burwell Lighthouse
Port Burwell Lighthouse

Built in 1840, the lighthouse is Canada's oldest wooden lighthouse.  It stands 65 feet high underwent extensive renovation in 1986.  Although all the lumber used in the original structure came from the Big Otter Valley, the lamp mechanism had to be imported from France.  The Sutherland family earned widespread recognition as they "kept the light" for over a century.  After guiding many ships to safety and witnessing frequent shipwrecks, the light was put out of service in the 1950's.  Adjacent to the lighthouse are anchors from the schooner NIMROD which sank after colliding with another ship in the fog off nearby Port Bruce.

Located just across the street from the historic 1840’s Lighthouse in Port Burwell, the Museum building houses one of the finest collections of lighthouse lenses on the Great Lakes. There will be special activities all summer. You are invited to take part in these activities, call the museum 519-874-4807 for details, costs, and registration. Open from Victoria Day to Labour Day, admission to the museum is $2 for adults, $5 for a family and children under 12 are free. 

20 Pitt Street, Port Burwell, Ontario
17 Robinson Street, Port Burwell, Ontario